The Benefits of Invisible Hearing Aids

invisible hearing aid benefitsDecades ago, hearing aids were speakers attached to noise catching boxes that weighed several pounds and had large headphones that hooked over your entire ear. Next came the bulky hearing aids that you probably remember your grandfather wearing. They looked like a small satellite attached to his head and usually squeaked and buzzed at the most inopportune times. Often, you were more likely to see these hearing aids on his nightstand or kitchen table because they worked intermittently and were uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Over the years, the technology and science of hearing aids have improved drastically. Today there are hearing aids known as Invisible Hearing Aids that are more powerful than a desktop computer yet small enough to be virtually undetectable.

Invisible IIC Hearing Aids

One of the drawbacks to hearing aids for many people is their visibility. Although hearing loss is becoming more and more common, noticeable hearing aids still make some users uncomfortable because they don’t want others to attach traditional hearing aids stereotypes to them. Invisible in-canal hearing aids are about half the size of your pinky nail and are truly an engineering marvel. Once the hearing aid is inserted completely into your ear, only you and your hearing specialist will know that you are wearing hearing aids!


Similar to computers, improved technology has enabled hearing aids to shrink in size while enhancing their features and the quality of their noise correction. IIC hearing aids are top-of-the-line when it comes to technology, enabling their wearer to hear sounds more naturally. These hearing aids include the best of noise reduction technology, directional microphones, and wireless capabilities that allow you to stream your electronic devices directly into your ear. IIC’s also utilize the latest technological advances to adapt to your specific type of hearing loss, giving you the best possible results from your hearing aids.


IIC hearing aids are great for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. People with a very active lifestyle may also find that invisible hearing aids fit well into their everyday lives. Custom fit to your inner ear, an IIC hearing aid is meant to be comfortable and secure and will not fall out from behind your ear lobe or get snagged in your hair. You can run, play soccer, throw on a bike helmet, or do any activity without fear of damaging your hearing aid.

Invisible hearing aids are also an excellent choice for someone who is uncomfortable with a more traditional and larger device. People are more likely to wear their hearing aids if they feel comfortable and attractive and an invisible hearing aid may fill this need. The best hearing aid for anyone with hearing loss is the one that they will actually wear. Invisible hearing aids can help users get over the stigma and discomfort of traditional hearing aids.


Invisible hearing aids, while a great choice for many, may not be for everyone. Small children might find more success with a slightly larger hearing aid, as IIC hearing aids can be easy to lose and more challenging for little ones to take care of. If you have hearing loss that is more severe, your degree of loss might be better corrected with a different type of hearing aid, like a receiver-in-canal hearing aid or a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

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Buying hearing aids is a serious investment, both of your money and in your improved quality of life. Deciding which hearing aids will best suit your lifestyle is an important decision, and our hearing specialists can help you make the right one. If you are just beginning to look at hearing aids, take the time to read our Buyer’s Guide. Then, contact us so that we can help you enjoy hearing all of the sounds you have been missing!