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How to Choose the Right Audiologist

Audiologists have chosen a career that is both daunting in its responsibility and rewarding in its ability to transform lives. Audiologists help people uncover why they no longer hear everyday sounds and help bring those sounds and noises back to people who have often resigned themselves to a world of silence. Audiologists can change lives in a dramatic fashion.

A New Year of Hearing

It happened again. As the holidays approached, you found yourself overwhelmed with all of the holiday hustle and bustle. Between trimming the tree, buying gifts, and endless parties, your intention to finally see someone about your hearing issues got lost in the shuffle. Making an appointment with an audiologist kept getting pushed to the next day’s list, until you realized that you have let another year pass without taking care of your hearing loss.

Healthy Hearing for the New Year

New Year’s Day is upon us, along with all of the resolutions that we make. Even if you publicly say that you refuse to make resolutions, you probably intend to be healthier in 2017. If you do make resolutions, there is a good chance that they involve health, whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, lower your blood pressure, or anything else pertaining to improving your health. As you think about living a healthier lifestyle, have you considered your ears and your hearing? If taking care of your hearing is not on your list of New Year’s resolutions, consider making it one of them. Take action immediately, both to correct any uncorrected hearing loss and to take better care of your hearing now.

Common Causes of Hearing Loss 

Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss is not an inevitable part of growing older and you should be able to enjoy all the sounds of life for many decades. Hearing loss can be caused by many different factors. Whether you have hereditary hearing loss, damage from overexposure to loud noises, an untreated medical condition, or another cause, knowing the cause and type of loss improves your ability to treat it. Hearing loss can be divided into three main categories: Sensorineural, conductive, and mixed hearing loss. These categories are further broken down into the typical causes of hearing loss within each category.

Noticing Small Changes

As Betty tried to pull the standing rib roast out of the oven, she realized that two people were needed to lift the large dish. Calling to her husband for help, she got no response. Frustrated, Betty finally managed to heft the pan onto the counter, but not without spilling hot liquid on her arm and all over the floor. Worried that something might be wrong, she then went to check on him. In his recliner, the football game blaring, Paul seemed completely oblivious to her repeated calls. When she asked him why he didn’t answer, and why he had the game on so loud, Paul shrugged and said that he thought there was something wrong with the volume because it wasn’t as loud as it used to be.

Hear for the Holidays

Pat strained to hear what her daughter was saying as they spent the morning making pies and casseroles for the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Trying to carry on a conversation over the noise of blenders and mixers was exhausting. Pat finally found herself just smiling and nodding because she didn’t want her daughter to become irritated every time she asked her to repeat something.

How Hearing Loss Affects Your Career

Finding a good job and moving up the career ladder is a struggle almost all of us can relate to. Something that can make this struggle even more difficult is trying to climb the corporate ladder with untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss, whether it is mild or severe, can impact your career in several different ways, so treating it becomes important for both social and economic reasons.

Implicating Headphones in Hearing Loss

Headphones are part of everyday life, whether we are wearing headphones while working out or pulling them out of our teenager’s ears to ask them a question. With our world being so wired, headphones are how we listen to music, get our news via podcasts, watch Netflix, and often even communicate at work. While headphones are an ubiquitous part of our world, they do not come without risk. Headphones pose a danger to hearing for several reasons, but there are ways to prevent the damage.

The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Aging

When people think of growing older, they often think that losing their hearing is simply part of the process. While the incidence of hearing loss does increase with age, it stems from several factors and can often be prevented or slowed.

How Hearing Loss Affects Relationships

From the time we are born, we are social beings. We respond to our mother’s voice, then learn to communicate with our friends and teachers as we grow up. As adults, most of us create a social network, and open communication helps ensure that we maintain healthy and loving relationships.