How to Choose the Right Audiologist

Tips for choosing an audiologistAudiologists have chosen a career that is both daunting in its responsibility and rewarding in its ability to transform lives. Audiologists help people uncover why they no longer hear everyday sounds and help bring those sounds and noises back to people who have often resigned themselves to a world of silence. Audiologists can change lives in a dramatic fashion.

Picking an audiologist to work with can feel like an equally daunting task and you need to pick someone who will work well with you on your journey to better hearing. Knowing several things to look for in an audiologist ensures that you choose the best professional for you.


Treating your hearing loss requires excellent communication between you and your team of hearing specialists. From diagnosing your specific type and level of hearing loss to fitting your hearing aids settings just right, you will see your audiologist and their office professionals several times. Having an audiologist who listens to what you say is and who provides feedback you are comfortable with are both important components of your experience. Fine-tuning the settings on your hearing aids to make sure that you are comfortable can take several trips, so a good working relationship with your audiologist ensures the best outcome in correcting your hearing.


Ask around and get recommendations. Ask friends or family members who have hearing aids or who are being treated for hearing loss. Find out both what they liked and didn’t like about different audiologists. Check the BBB for any unresolved issues with an audiologist or their office. Take a look at their website; audiologists with a reputable and established practice will usually freely provide testimonials from their clients. Avoid centers that are high pressure with their sales, and seek out centers that put your well-being and treatment ahead of sales goals.


If you were only going to an audiologist’s office once or twice, proximity might not be a factor. Most people t need to see their audiologist several times over the life of their hearing aids so a convenient location can be very important. You might also find that you need repairs or adjustments, especially after several months of daily wear. These repairs are often covered by warranty and picking an audiologist who is not hours away will make these visits much more convenient.

Continued Care

The process of diagnosing hearing loss, fitting hearing aids, and adjusting them to fit your degree and type of hearing loss is time-consuming. Look for an audiologist who understands that treating hearing is an ongoing endeavor. The right audiologist is committed to providing the best care to you, both in your diagnosis and in your treatment. An reputable audiologist will not sell you hearing aids and send you on your merry way but rather they will continually make sure that your hearing aids are working properly and the experience is comfortable for you.

Colorado Ear Center has both the reputation and the expertise you are looking for in an audiologist. Our team of medical professionals have years of experience in treating hearing loss. We have the education and expertise that can help you regain the ability to hear. Take a look at our buyer’s guide for basics about what an audiologist can do and how hearing aids can help you get better hearing now!