Hear for the Holidays


Pat strained to hear what her daughter was saying as they spent the morning making pies and casseroles for the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Trying to carry on a conversation over the noise of blenders and mixers was exhausting. Pat finally found herself just smiling and nodding because she didn’t want her daughter to become irritated every time she asked her to repeat something.

Things became more frustrating as the day continued. Sitting at the dinner table, surrounded by family and friends, Pat felt embarrassed and alone because it was so hard to keep up with the many conversations. Once the football game came on, Pat retreated to the kitchen; there was no way that she could possibly participate – especially with the background noise of the television.

Better Hearing at Family GatheringsPat envisioned lots of wonderful family time following her retirement; however, her daydreams of spending quality time with her loved ones had disappeared. This holiday had proved to be emotionally difficult. Even though she was surrounded by family, Pat felt very alone. She felt like crawling into bed, where things wouldn’t be so frustrating.

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Winter Break

The holidays were the time of year that Paul most looked forward to kids home from college, company parties, family traditions, and time with his loved ones. Unfortunately, this year was different. Paul found himself wishing that he could just fast-forward through the holiday season. He had misheard the time to pick up his son from the airport and was two hours late. The company party, held at a loud restaurant, was even more frustrating: Paul uncomfortably smiled and nodded through most of the evening, as he could not distinguish his coworkers’ conversations over the din of music and clattering dishes. Even traditions like the candlelight service at church caused stress for Paul, as he found that he couldn’t quite hear the message.

As Paul thought about the last few days, his favorite time of year seemed like a vastly different experience than usual. He felt so isolated from his loved ones. Even in the midst of friends and family, Paul couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he was alone.

The New Year

For the past few years, Harry had dreaded the holiday season because of his hearing loss. Get-togethers and celebrations had been sources of disappointment and were far from festive. He spent most of his time straining to hear people at parties and family dinners. Rather than enjoying the grandkids’ excitement when they saw that Santa had visited overnight, Harry had found himself hiding out in the garage to avoid frustrating interactions.

This year, Harry decided that he was fed up with the isolation and loneliness of his hearing loss, and he invested in hearing aids. The hearing aids immediately improved Harry’s quality of life, and to his surprise, he was able to enjoy the holiday season again. Christmas carolers and children’s eager voices were pure joy. Cocktail parties and gatherings with friends and coworkers proved to be invigorating and fun. Big family dinners and raucous football games were no longer isolating. Harry had no clue that he had been missing out on so much fun over the last few years!

The Gift of Hearing

Hearing loss can sneak up on you gradually. Whether you think you are just not paying attention as closely as you used to or you think that your friends and family mumble more, you might not realize that your hearing has deteriorated. Hearing loss causes everyday interactions to become frustrating, and the holidays with all of the hustle and bustle are a particularly hard time if you have untreated hearing loss.

If family dinners and special occasions make you feel isolated or alone, you need to have your hearing evaluated. And there’s no better time of year to do so than now.

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If you or a loved one are suffering with untreated hearing loss, don’t wait. Give the gift of better hearing and Hear for the Holidays.

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