Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance

Some people worry that a hearing aid will be too hard to take care of.  This fear is unfounded, and most people find caring for a hearing aid to be an easy and simple process.  

Doing 3 simple things will keep your hearing aids working in top condition:

  • Change the battery. People are often surprised to discover that hearing aid batteries last anywhere from 3 days to 1 week per battery.  The life of the battery will depend on the number of hours per day you use your hearing aid, as well as on the size of the battery.  Low batteries can cause hearing aids to seem as if they are not working.  
  • Keep the receiver opening free of ear wax. If you’ve put a fresh battery into your hearing aid and it still isn’t working, the first thing to suspect is a clogged receiver opening. Most audiologists will provide you with tools to help keep the hearing aid receiver free of ear wax. You should also receive a cleaning tutorial from the person you purchased your hearing aids from during the fitting process.
  • Come in regularly for maintenance checks on your hearing aids.  Your hearing care professional will regularly clean and check your hearing aids for you. Most will do it free of charge if you purchased a warranty.    

Educate yourself and ask questions.

The best way to feel comfortable with hearing aid maintenance is to ask your audiologist questions about why they stop working.   Understanding how your hearing aids work, and how to troubleshoot them when they are not working, will help you get  the most out of them.