Symptoms and Signs of Hearing Loss

Many people wonder if they truly have hearing loss. There may be certain people they can hear quite well, and certain situations – such as calm and quiet settings – in which they don’t feel they have trouble hearing.  

However, there may still be significant hearing loss that requires treatment.  Hearing loss creates an unhealthy situation for the brain wherein it receives sound that has travelled through an imperfect auditory pathway.  

This causes words to become jumbled, distorting the original meaning and rendering them unintelligible. The brain can, over time, lose the ability to process sounds correctly. And the less practice it gets, the more likely this is to occur at certain frequencies.  

It’s important to treat hearing loss, even if it’s mild, so that the brain can receive the stimulation in needs.  

Signs that hearing loss should be treated include:

  • People sound like they’re mumbling.
  • You can hear words but can’t understand what people are saying.
  • Family and/or friends complain that you’re not hearing well.
  • You turn the TV and radio up very loud.
  • Other people seem to be following the conversation, but you’re unable to keep up.
  • You avoid noisy restaurants because hearing is difficult there.
  • You turn down social engagements because it’s become too tiring to try keeping up with conversations.
  • You have started to read lips to keep up with conversations.
  • Family and/or friends accuse you of forgetting things they’ve told you, when in fact you simply didn’t hear them clearly.  

If you’re experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, the best thing you can do for yourself is receive treatment for your hearing loss!