Why See a Hearing Professional?

Ensure You Receive the Best in Care

Dr. Menachof - Hearing Specialist Denver COJust as every person is unique, every hearing loss and hearing need is unique too. That is why it’s always recommended that you consult with a hearing healthcare professional. Our medical doctors have years of experience and the state-of-the-art equipment needed to accurately:

  • Inspect your ear canal.
  • Measure your hearing loss.
  • Assess your speech understanding.
  • Understand your unique needs and recommend a solution.
  • Provide necessary support and ongoing care.


The Benefits of Hearing Loss Treatment

We understand that hearing loss can be extremely difficult for you, your loved ones and your profession. Seeking support from a hearing professional can make a drastic difference in changing your life for the better. Research by the Better Hearing Institute has concluded that hearing loss treatment is shown to provide far more than clinical benefits. By seeking support and help for your hearing loss, you can:

  • Improve your physical health.
  • Improve your emotional stability.
  • Improve your sense of control over life events.
  • Improve your communication in relationships.
  • Improve intimacy and warmth in your relationships.
  • Improve ease in your communications with others.
  • Improve your earning power.


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Make an appointment with one of our caring and supportive doctors. You can begin changing your hearing — and your life — for the better. We are here to help!